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— A guy who does a lot of stuff. 

Welcome to my weird website! Hope the experience isn't shitty for you. I do a lot of eclectic things and like being all artsy and stuff. 

You can buy some of my stuff, which would be awesome. But remember, life's a museum if you don't buy the art — and museums are super fun! 

So do what you want. You always do. 

Dayton O'Donnell, author of Shorts and Shit an anthology.

Photos are pretty cool, right? 

If you're into that sort of thing — you know, pretty shit hanging on you wall — then take a look at some of mine and my wife's photography! Kind dope! 

If you're into words

I mean, one word is like 1/1000th of a picture, which is horribly inefficint. But if you're into that kinda slow-paced shit, I wrote some poems and short stories that are pretty fun. Check 'em out! 

Published in:

Shorts and Shit (Shorts & Shit), an Anthology of short stories and poetry written by Dayton O'Donnell.

Shorts & Shit | An Anthology

"This quirky collection provides a refreshing new approach to perspective in storytelling. O’Donnell’s writing is witty, clever, and calculated in Shorts & Shit. This group of short stories and poems paired creative narrative progressions with short bursts of free verse. I found the structure of the anthology made O’Donnell’s themes easy to engage, and provided a fun experience for readers throughout the book."

          - Kayla Riportella | Reedsy

Shorts and Shit (Shorts & Shit), an Anthology of short stories and poetry written by Dayton O'Donnell.

Love is Not a Porcelain Vase

Have you ever wondered why love isn't like a porcelain vase? Have you wondered why nobody mentions the late birds and whether they get worms, too? 

Love is Not a Porcelain Vase is a collection of poetry covering topics like love, death, maturity, and my always fun hypochondriac-riddled thoughts. 

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